Sex Education : how Netflix has put in place the filming of the sex scenes

If the series English Netflix has untied languages on the basis of sex in teenagers, it has also been applied to ensuring a healthy environment on the shooting, including the sex scenes. Jon Hall/Netflix A workshop intimacy Before the start of the filming of Sex Education, the whole team gathered for a one-day workshop. The program ? Intimacy. Each member was able to share her experiences, good as well as bad, on scenes of sex or nudity that he or she has been able to achieve in the course of his career. This day was at the initiative of Ita O’brien, coordinator of intimacy. A single new post on the sets, but that begins to democratize. Its role is to prepare, supervise, advise, provide support to the actor·rice·s as to the shooting team and individual coaching.

This is the actress Emily Meade on the set of the Deuce, the series of David Simon on the middle of the prostitution and pornography in the New York of the 70’s, which is at the origin of this new function. She went to see the executives of HBO, which broadcasts the series in the United States, to obtain aid and follow-up during the filming of the sex scenes, which the actress felt ill at ease. Alicia Rodis will assume the role of coordinator of intimacy, accompanying Emily Meade as well as the entire team during the filming of the second season. Since then, David Simon has announced that it would not happen more than one such position on its next series. HBO has decided that a·e coordinat·rice·eur of privacy would be present·on all productions (tv movies as series) which contained a sex scene. Ita O’brien, in addition to working with Netflix, has also worked for Amazon Prime and the operator’s English satellite tv, Sky : “there was a real earthquake this year. […] It’s really a positive development for the industry, ” says the coordinator for Mashable . Sam Taylor/Netflix

For a healthier environment The role of Ita O’brien on Sex Education was “to provide a structure and a direction to follow to achieve these sex scenes” she says. It is then to prepare the sequence as a cascade, with choreography, of the preparation, the rehearsals to ensure that everyone knows exactly his role in the sequence, and that each·e feels safe, “you post the scene step-by-step, specifying where the actor·rice·s have consented to be touched·e·s, in order to be free to tell the story and their character through the stage,” she adds. For Kate Herron, director of four episodes of Sex Education , the presence of Ita O’brien was particularly important to create a healthy environment where everyone feels comfortable in order to ensure the success of the scene : “a good part of the sex scenes I did have a comical effect and you can’t achieve this result if the actor·rice·s do not feel comfortable,” she says to Mashable . “No one should go home after the shooting of a sex scene and feel as if·she·had done something wrong (Kate Herron). The work of Ita O’brien as one of Alicia Rodis is to separate the sexuality between the two characters of what is happening between two actors : “the sex on the film set has nothing to do with a true sexual intercourse. Everything is fake. But it must be learned and choreographed ” sets out, for the Huffington Post , Tonia Sina, which was founded in 2016 with Alicia Rodis and Claire Warden, Intimacy Directors International. “[Alicia Rodis] understands how to help [the actors·do·s] to choreograph the scenes to make them more real than they are, while ensuring that it is less real to us, ” adds Emily Meade for Rolling Stone . Attention that is shared by Ita O’brien : “you do not want to make that you are on a sex scene” Jon Hall/Netflix

A major development in the conditions of filming Everything is well done in order to ensure a healthy environment, both for the actor·rice·s for the team in shooting : “no one should go home after the shooting of a sex scene and feel as if·she·had done something wrong,” adds Kate Herron . More than a year after movement #MeToo and the revelations about Harvey Weinstein, the film industry and the series continue to move. And these (r)evolutions must take place as well in front as behind the camera. This is done through fiction present a different perspective on the male/female relationship, which opens the dialog, the debate, who are trying to overthrow stereotypes, to be a little more inclusive and fair. This goes also, and especially, by the conditions of film-making which respect the physical integrity of its members, but also pay special attention to language, word choice employed by the director·rice to direct the sex scenes, in order to facilitate the distinction between what is played and is not. “I’m here to give a voice to the actor·rice·s, especially those who have the feeling to miss. And I’m also there for the producer·rice·s, in order that they may know that everything is done to make film sets safer, ” concludes Alicia Rodis. After The Deuce , the coordinator of intimacy has continued with the filming of Watchmen, Damon Lindelof, and the film Deadwood.

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Good Omens : a trailer completely barred for the series to Amazon, which is adapted from Terry Pratchett
J. J. Abrams : Universal, Disney and Warner are fighting to sign a collaboration with Bad Robot

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Simetierre : but why these two errors in the title ?

Oscars 2019 : who are the major(s)absent(e)s nominations ?

Emily Blunt, Timothée Chalamet, “First Man”, John David Washington… Who are the major(s)absent(e)s nominations for the Oscars this year ? 2018 Paramount Pictures. All rights reserved. / Jonny Cournoyer / 2018 FOCUS FEATURES LLC. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED / JACOVIDES-BORDERS-MOREAU / BESTIMAGE Each year, at the announcement of nominations, each one discovering sometimes that its pets are missing from the list of appointed and this year is no exception. Among the Best films, we are surprised not to find My Beautiful Boy, If Beale Street could talk, or The Rider, who conquered the critics. It also deplores the fact that The Ballad of Buster Scruggs and First Reformed do not blow off an appointment for, respectively, best adapted screenplay and best original screenplay. In the category of Best actor, Timothée Chalamet was expected, and it was hoped an appointment for his partner in My Beautiful Boy, Steve Carell, who also offered a nice performance in Welcome to Marwen. It is not the case. If Adam Driver is named, as at the Golden Globes in the category Best actor in a supporting role for Blackkklansman, his partner John David Washington has been forgotten, among the first roles. Finally, we note that no actor of the Black Panther was not mentioned. Among the actresses, one would expect to see Emily Blunt win a nomination because of its two benefits noted in Without a noise or Mary Poppins. Charlize Theron, who had moved in Tully, has also been left behind. Finally, Justin Hurwitz, who had received the Golden Globe for the original music for the First Man, was also excluded from the race for the Oscar. Oscars 2019 : Roma and The Favorite at the head of the appointments Filmmakers : the subscriber(s)absent(e)s a Number of directors have not been appointed to the award for Best director, even though their works could win the statuette for Best film. This is the case of Bradley Cooper (A Star Is Born), Ryan Coogler (Black Panther) and Peter Farrelly (Green Book). Other absent of size, Barry Jenkins, appointed to the category of the Best director and oscar winner for the screenplay of Moonlight in 2016, but ignored this year for If Beale Street could talk. On the side of the filmmakers, it is definitely the cold shower. Last year, we could already regret that Greta Gerwig is the only woman director named for Lady Bird. This year, the Academy has done even better and has not retained any woman in the category of Best achievement. However, the named potential were lacking, Lynne Ramsay and its amazing You Were Never Really Here, Debra Granik (Leave No Trace) and Chloé Zhao (The Rider). Marielle Heller for Can You Ever Forgive Me ?, Karyn Kusama for Destroyer, Mimi Leder for A woman of exception or even Josie Rourke to Mary Stuart, would have equally deserved to be considered and to enter the race. Fortunately for women, the category of best actress, is exclusively composed. The honor is except. Allociné the podcast “cinema – the Oscars / Caesar : the Editorial in’ débriefe appointments 2019. Podcastez our program below, or directly on iTunes, Spotify or SoundCloud : Remember to subscribe to not miss any episode !

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Tomorrow belongs to us : a plot about a character who is transgender coming soon to the heart of the series [EXCLUDED]
Mary Stuart, Queen of Scotland : the transformation of Saoirse Ronan and Margot Robbie

A Large Sun : a summary of what you can expect the week of march 25 to 29, [SPOILERS]

Next week in “A Great Sun”… as the liaison between Elizabeth and his lawyer broke in the press, Mb suffers the attempts of discredit of her rapist. Arthur, himself, is discovered a soft spot for Leah, but it is not the only one. France 2 Attention, the following paragraphs contain spoilers on the episodes of such A Great Sun announced next week on France 2 ! The link to Elizabeth bursts at the great day Questioned by the police, Capstan is confronted with the evidence of its link past with Audrey. But he said that the young woman lashed out at him, and cctv footage to confirm his words. The doctor Alphand does not believe in his version : although bipolar, Audrey was followed for several months by a colleague and was doing well. Claire invites Jo Dir to leak in the press as the liaison between Capstan and Elizabeth to the weakening in the survey. Elizabeth learned the news while she is in turn subject to an interrogation about his links with Guilhem. When his family learns of his affair with his lawyer, Julian accuses his mother of having lied to for twenty years, leaving him to believe that she had never done grieving for her husband. With a motive of revenge cotnre Audrey who harassed him according to his words, the Capstan is incarcerated… Reversal of the situation in Monette Mo, submitted to a psychological evaluation as part of the investigation following his complaint against Lorin, is experiencing a setback brutal : to discredit his words, it is claimed that they have had an affair, and circulated a photo of them kissing in the media. This photo was actually taken during a campaign for their party’s anti-racist years ago, but Mb has no way of proving it because the campaign never came to fruition. In high school, Inès becomes the laughing stock of his peers and loses all credibility when the photo is circulating… love is in the air Lucille and Ludovic find an arrangement that pleases everyone : tired of living alone, a young employee of the zoo gets the room of her friend in the co-location of Maryline, and proposed to him to recover his studio. Bilal, Davia and Maryline are delighted : Ludovic is a roommate extraordinaire, chef, vegetarian and eco-friendly ! Nothing to do with Lucille and his laziness to any event. But while she is reluctant to give a helping hand to her friend for her moving in, she met Hisham, the brother of Bilal. The lightning is the immediate… During this time, a love triangle is created within the group of teenagers. Arthur tries to seduce Leah, by taking her photos at the zoo. Shortly after, Leah confides in Tony, amused by the left side of his friend, and Antonin compliments on the quality of his shooting. Leah feels flattered… and Antonin is not indifferent. Then Arthur asks her advice to Leah is interested in him, Antonin finds himself facing a dilemma.

Charlie, turn up the sound : what is this series with Idris Elba ?

Miracle Workers : that think the US press of the series with Daniel Radcliffe and Steve Buscemi ?

“Miracle Workers”, the new comedy from the creator of “Man Seeking Woman”, began yesterday in the United States, prior to a broadcast in France at the end of march on Warner TV. The american press has itself succumbed to this series shifted worn by Daniel Radcliffe ? GER what is it about ? In the Face of the destructive insanity of men, God is depressed, and resigned. His solution to resolve the situation : blow up the Earth and open a restaurant… Craig and Eliza, two angels are under-exploited, of the “Heaven Inc.” stand then in front of him to prove that humanity is worth being saved. God accepts the bet and gives them two weeks to accomplish a miracle : to help two humans to fall in love. Otherwise everything will disappear ! Miracle Workers (7×22 min.), created by Simon Rich (Man Seeking Woman). With Daniel Radcliffe, Steve Buscemi, Geraldine Viswanathan, Jon Bass, Karan Soni, Sasha Compère, … Since February 12, on TBS in the United States and broadcast in France from the 30th of march on Warner TV Miracle Workers – season 1 teaser (2) VO thinks the american press ? According to Variety : “Acerbic, absurd, and full of empathy, Miracle Workers is a comedy of office amazing and very funny, featuring the usual wizards that are the cafes and the amourettes between colleagues, but which, however, takes place in Paradise.” 4/5 Read the full review According to USA Today : “Its small number of episodes prevents Miracle Workers to be a series really revolutionary. But its plot, charming and incisive, suggests that human beings are profoundly good. And in a world drowned by cynicism and bad news, it does not hurt to see a little positivity about the human condition.” 3,5/5 Read the full review According to Entertainment Weekly : “Miracle Workers is fun, if not really hilarious, but what saves it really is the cast.” 3,5/5 Read the full review According to the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette : “This mini-series in 7 episodes, is cynical at the same time (it is especially of God as a CEO) and hopeful (about the future of humanity). And it is also known to be constantly smart and funny.” 3,5/5 Read the full review According to IndieWire : “Miracle Workers” has the right idea but fails to execute it properly. (…) The laughs are not numerous enough, the ideas are not quite exciting, and the story is not quite captivating.” 2,5/5 Read the full review According to Newsday : “A true charm emerges from the series. And then there is of course Buscemi. But the rest of it – that this is the starting premise, the story, or the valves – quickly becomes tiresome.” 2,5/5 According to Uncle Barky : “in The end everything is predictable and monotonous. And although a smile or two are sketched in the middle of all this bad taste, this is really not enough to save a series that misses his departure and continues to stumble until the end.” 2/5 Read the full review According to the Hollywood Reporter : “The talent of Steve Buscemi’s marred by a plot to be disappointing. And it is the same thing for Daniel Radcliffe. The secondary characters are boosted portrayed by Geraldine Viswanathan and Karan Soni have potential but are, again, those with disabilities, with scripts that are mediocre, which pushes our mind to think of the best series.” 1,5/5 Read the full review

Zack Snyder will raise a new army of the dead to Netflix

Teen Wolf : what becomes of Tyler Posey since the end of the series ?

A year and a half after the end of “Teen Wolf”, Tyler Posey, the interpreter of Scott McCall, is back in the series “Now Revelation” of Gregg Araki, who starts tomorrow on Starz. The opportunity to get back on his recent roles and his upcoming projects. MTV In 2011, Teen Wolf, the series teen phenomenon of MTV was created by Jeff Davis, revealed a bevy of young actors, promising, among which Dylan O’brien, Holland Roden, and of course Tyler Posey, the interpreter of the werewolf hero of the story of Scott McCall. At the end of six seasons and 100 episodes, Teen Wolf ended in September of 2017, and Tyler Posey has not been idle for as much as he has then taken a leading role in the horror film truth or dare, alongside Lucy Hale (Pretty Little Liars), lent his voice to the character of Inferno in Marvel Rising : Secret Warriors, and incarnate in Adam, the ex-boyfriend of Jane, in 7 episodes of Jane the Virgin. While running in parallel in the music with his group PVMNTS, in which it provides the function of a guitarist and singer. And the good news for fans of the actor 27-year-old is that he will be back as soon as this Sunday, march 10, on the small screen american in the series Now Apocalypse, created by Gregg Araki (Mysterious Skin, Kaboom, White Bird), and which is therefore necessarily barred, sexy, and psychedelic. The Face of Beau Mirchoff (Awkward, Good Disorder) and Roxane Mesquida (Gossip Girl), Tyler Posey lends her traits to Gabriel, one of the suitors of the hero, Ulysses (Avan Jogia), who, between the two meetings would be romantic and sexual with her favorite application, becomes increasingly disturbed by hallucinations premonitory that make him wonder if the revelation would not close. Unless it smokes just too much grass ? A role far away from Scott McCall, which will enable viewers to discover Tyler Posey in another register. Starz Tyler Posey and Avan Jogia in Now Apocalypse After Now Revelation, the ex-star of Teen Wolf, however, is expected to find a universe teen and fantastic more familiar, although it is meant to be about vampires and not werewolves, since he has recently been hired to play one of the heroes of the driver of the adaptation series of the lost Generation, entitled The Lost Boys, and who could see the light in series on The CW next season in the event of order. And with a little luck, you may also be coming soon season 3 of the Scream tour in 2017, and in which Tyler Posey embodies one of the high school students hunted down by the fearsome masked killer. But due to legal issues, and production related to The Weinstein Company, which produced the series, this third season, which was to make Scream an anthology, is for the moment lost in the limbo of television, and nothing says that it will come out one day, as MTV and Netflix to the international are no longer attached as a diffuser. The trailer of Now Apocalypse, which starts tomorrow on Starz in the United States : Now Apocalypse – season 1 trailer VO

You : Penn Badgley shocked by the reactions and upsetting to fans of the series Netflix
That is what we have already done the Good lord’s throne always at the top of the box-office français !
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The Great Adventure Lego 2 installs at the top of the box-office US
Bandersnatch, the real video game you will ever see