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Sex Education : how Netflix has put in place the filming of the sex scenes

If the series English Netflix has untied languages on the basis of sex in teenagers, it has also been applied to ensuring a healthy environment on the shooting, including the sex scenes. Jon Hall/Netflix A workshop intimacy Before the start of the filming of Sex Education, the whole team gathered for a one-day workshop. The program ? Intimacy. Each member was able to share her experiences, good as well as bad, on scenes of sex or nudity that he or she has been able to achieve in the course of his career. This day was at the initiative of Ita O’brien, coordinator of intimacy. A single new post on the sets, but that begins to democratize. Its role is to prepare, supervise, advise, provide support to the actor·rice·s as to the shooting team and individual coaching.

This is the actress Emily Meade on the set of the Deuce, the series of David Simon on the middle of the prostitution and pornography in the New York of the 70’s, which is at the origin of this new function. She went to see the executives of HBO, which broadcasts the series in the United States, to obtain aid and follow-up during the filming of the sex scenes, which the actress felt ill at ease. Alicia Rodis will assume the role of coordinator of intimacy, accompanying Emily Meade as well as the entire team during the filming of the second season. Since then, David Simon has announced that it would not happen more than one such position on its next series. HBO has decided that a·e coordinat·rice·eur of privacy would be present·on all productions (tv movies as series) which contained a sex scene. Ita O’brien, in addition to working with Netflix, has also worked for Amazon Prime and the operator’s English satellite tv, Sky : “there was a real earthquake this year. […] It’s really a positive development for the industry, ” says the coordinator for Mashable . Sam Taylor/Netflix

For a healthier environment The role of Ita O’brien on Sex Education was “to provide a structure and a direction to follow to achieve these sex scenes” she says. It is then to prepare the sequence as a cascade, with choreography, of the preparation, the rehearsals to ensure that everyone knows exactly his role in the sequence, and that each·e feels safe, “you post the scene step-by-step, specifying where the actor·rice·s have consented to be touched·e·s, in order to be free to tell the story and their character through the stage,” she adds. For Kate Herron, director of four episodes of Sex Education , the presence of Ita O’brien was particularly important to create a healthy environment where everyone feels comfortable in order to ensure the success of the scene : “a good part of the sex scenes I did have a comical effect and you can’t achieve this result if the actor·rice·s do not feel comfortable,” she says to Mashable . “No one should go home after the shooting of a sex scene and feel as if·she·had done something wrong (Kate Herron). The work of Ita O’brien as one of Alicia Rodis is to separate the sexuality between the two characters of what is happening between two actors : “the sex on the film set has nothing to do with a true sexual intercourse. Everything is fake. But it must be learned and choreographed ” sets out, for the Huffington Post , Tonia Sina, which was founded in 2016 with Alicia Rodis and Claire Warden, Intimacy Directors International. “[Alicia Rodis] understands how to help [the actors·do·s] to choreograph the scenes to make them more real than they are, while ensuring that it is less real to us, ” adds Emily Meade for Rolling Stone . Attention that is shared by Ita O’brien : “you do not want to make that you are on a sex scene” Jon Hall/Netflix

A major development in the conditions of filming Everything is well done in order to ensure a healthy environment, both for the actor·rice·s for the team in shooting : “no one should go home after the shooting of a sex scene and feel as if·she·had done something wrong,” adds Kate Herron . More than a year after movement #MeToo and the revelations about Harvey Weinstein, the film industry and the series continue to move. And these (r)evolutions must take place as well in front as behind the camera. This is done through fiction present a different perspective on the male/female relationship, which opens the dialog, the debate, who are trying to overthrow stereotypes, to be a little more inclusive and fair. This goes also, and especially, by the conditions of film-making which respect the physical integrity of its members, but also pay special attention to language, word choice employed by the director·rice to direct the sex scenes, in order to facilitate the distinction between what is played and is not. “I’m here to give a voice to the actor·rice·s, especially those who have the feeling to miss. And I’m also there for the producer·rice·s, in order that they may know that everything is done to make film sets safer, ” concludes Alicia Rodis. After The Deuce , the coordinator of intimacy has continued with the filming of Watchmen, Damon Lindelof, and the film Deadwood.

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