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Community management is at the coronary heart of recent local authorities. Two types of councillor are elected in local elections held each 5 years in Turkey. These embrace 1,251 provincial councillors and 20,500 municipal councillors. A councillor is a member of a local authorities council in some nations, e.g. In Finland it is a title of honour granted by the government to several categories of Finns.


Someone out of this group who is elected to serve on the municipal government is known as a schepen in Dutch or échevin in French. This is normally translated as “alderman” or “councillor” in English. The municipal executive is referred to collectively as the College van Burgemeester en Schepenen ou Collège du Bourgmestre et Echevins. In the Netherlands, a member of the municipal council known as a gemeenteraadslid or raadslid. Someone out of this group who’s elected to serve on the municipal executive is known as a wethouder, which is usually translated as ‘alderman’ or ‘councillor’. This is expressed in English as “mayor” or “burgomaster”.

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