A Large Sun : a summary of what you can expect the week of march 25 to 29, [SPOILERS]

Next week in “A Great Sun”… as the liaison between Elizabeth and his lawyer broke in the press, Mb suffers the attempts of discredit of her rapist. Arthur, himself, is discovered a soft spot for Leah, but it is not the only one. France 2 Attention, the following paragraphs contain spoilers on the episodes of such A Great Sun announced next week on France 2 ! The link to Elizabeth bursts at the great day Questioned by the police, Capstan is confronted with the evidence of its link past with Audrey. But he said that the young woman lashed out at him, and cctv footage to confirm his words. The doctor Alphand does not believe in his version : although bipolar, Audrey was followed for several months by a colleague and was doing well. Claire invites Jo Dir to leak in the press as the liaison between Capstan and Elizabeth to the weakening in the survey. Elizabeth learned the news while she is in turn subject to an interrogation about his links with Guilhem. When his family learns of his affair with his lawyer, Julian accuses his mother of having lied to for twenty years, leaving him to believe that she had never done grieving for her husband. With a motive of revenge cotnre Audrey who harassed him according to his words, the Capstan is incarcerated… Reversal of the situation in Monette Mo, submitted to a psychological evaluation as part of the investigation following his complaint against Lorin, is experiencing a setback brutal : to discredit his words, it is claimed that they have had an affair, and circulated a photo of them kissing in the media. This photo was actually taken during a campaign for their party’s anti-racist years ago, but Mb has no way of proving it because the campaign never came to fruition. In high school, Inès becomes the laughing stock of his peers and loses all credibility when the photo is circulating… love is in the air Lucille and Ludovic find an arrangement that pleases everyone : tired of living alone, a young employee of the zoo gets the room of her friend in the co-location of Maryline, and proposed to him to recover his studio. Bilal, Davia and Maryline are delighted : Ludovic is a roommate extraordinaire, chef, vegetarian and eco-friendly ! Nothing to do with Lucille and his laziness to any event. But while she is reluctant to give a helping hand to her friend for her moving in, she met Hisham, the brother of Bilal. The lightning is the immediate… During this time, a love triangle is created within the group of teenagers. Arthur tries to seduce Leah, by taking her photos at the zoo. Shortly after, Leah confides in Tony, amused by the left side of his friend, and Antonin compliments on the quality of his shooting. Leah feels flattered… and Antonin is not indifferent. Then Arthur asks her advice to Leah is interested in him, Antonin finds himself facing a dilemma.

Charlie, turn up the sound : what is this series with Idris Elba ?