Miracle Workers : that think the US press of the series with Daniel Radcliffe and Steve Buscemi ?

“Miracle Workers”, the new comedy from the creator of “Man Seeking Woman”, began yesterday in the United States, prior to a broadcast in France at the end of march on Warner TV. The american press has itself succumbed to this series shifted worn by Daniel Radcliffe ? GER what is it about ? In the Face of the destructive insanity of men, God is depressed, and resigned. His solution to resolve the situation : blow up the Earth and open a restaurant… Craig and Eliza, two angels are under-exploited, of the “Heaven Inc.” stand then in front of him to prove that humanity is worth being saved. God accepts the bet and gives them two weeks to accomplish a miracle : to help two humans to fall in love. Otherwise everything will disappear ! Miracle Workers (7×22 min.), created by Simon Rich (Man Seeking Woman). With Daniel Radcliffe, Steve Buscemi, Geraldine Viswanathan, Jon Bass, Karan Soni, Sasha Compère, … Since February 12, on TBS in the United States and broadcast in France from the 30th of march on Warner TV Miracle Workers – season 1 teaser (2) VO thinks the american press ? According to Variety : “Acerbic, absurd, and full of empathy, Miracle Workers is a comedy of office amazing and very funny, featuring the usual wizards that are the cafes and the amourettes between colleagues, but which, however, takes place in Paradise.” 4/5 Read the full review According to USA Today : “Its small number of episodes prevents Miracle Workers to be a series really revolutionary. But its plot, charming and incisive, suggests that human beings are profoundly good. And in a world drowned by cynicism and bad news, it does not hurt to see a little positivity about the human condition.” 3,5/5 Read the full review According to Entertainment Weekly : “Miracle Workers is fun, if not really hilarious, but what saves it really is the cast.” 3,5/5 Read the full review According to the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette : “This mini-series in 7 episodes, is cynical at the same time (it is especially of God as a CEO) and hopeful (about the future of humanity). And it is also known to be constantly smart and funny.” 3,5/5 Read the full review According to IndieWire : “Miracle Workers” has the right idea but fails to execute it properly. (…) The laughs are not numerous enough, the ideas are not quite exciting, and the story is not quite captivating.” 2,5/5 Read the full review According to Newsday : “A true charm emerges from the series. And then there is of course Buscemi. But the rest of it – that this is the starting premise, the story, or the valves – quickly becomes tiresome.” 2,5/5 According to Uncle Barky : “in The end everything is predictable and monotonous. And although a smile or two are sketched in the middle of all this bad taste, this is really not enough to save a series that misses his departure and continues to stumble until the end.” 2/5 Read the full review According to the Hollywood Reporter : “The talent of Steve Buscemi’s marred by a plot to be disappointing. And it is the same thing for Daniel Radcliffe. The secondary characters are boosted portrayed by Geraldine Viswanathan and Karan Soni have potential but are, again, those with disabilities, with scripts that are mediocre, which pushes our mind to think of the best series.” 1,5/5 Read the full review

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