Titans on Netflix : season 2 could begin filming in march

Season 2 of “the Titans”, which is supposed to start filming in February, will finally, in march, according to a rumor coming from the United States. Netflix It is accurate for the Titans ! According to Production Weekly (as quoted by Hollywood North ), the series DC Comics is expected to start filming its second season from 20 march to 6 September. Under the working title Freebirds, it will take the following immediate of the plot, such as it was left at the end of season 1. There seems to be a parallel reality in which Dick Grayson was in Gotham mauled by a Batman crazy. Season 2 should close the arc of a narrative, and on the open previous season and focused on Raven and Trigon. In addition, it should show Dick Grayson leave his dark side behind him. This the closer-t-it of the character of Nightwing, the identity he adopts in the comics ? Not necessarily immediately, as the story goes, the showrunner of season 1 Greg Walker. It will finally appear in these new episodes the clone teen Superman, Superboy and his dog Krypto. In what way have you seen the actors of “the Titans” ? See the slideshow Slideshow Titans : what have you already seen the actors in the series ? 9 photos

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