Red Shadows (C8) : a season 2 is planned ? Manon Azem replies

The dissemination of the saga, winter of C8 “The red Shadows” ended last night with the last two episodes. A season 2 is already planned by the production and by the chain ? Manon Azem, the interpreter, Clara, we responded. Fabien Malot/FAM/GTV/C8 Launched on 12 march on C8, the series, The red Shadows, in which Nadia Farès embodies a woman cop who sees re-emerge in his life and his sister Clara (Manon Azem), who disappeared 25 years earlier, was completed yesterday evening at the end of its sixth episode. An end loop on the whole the plot but still leaves a big question unanswered in the purpose, according to the confession even of the team, to justify a possible season 2. Interviewed by Télé Loisirs , Cyril Hanouna, which produces red Shadows via his company H20 Productions, has revealed that following the hearings of the first season a result was entirely possible. If you do not meet that 400 00 viewers per week, there will be no sequel,” admits the host Key not at my post. “On the other hand, if one conquers nearly 800,000, there will be a season 2”. At the end of these three weeks of broadcast, the series records at the end of the average audiences. Ares a good start, march 12, in front of 904 000 viewers on average (4.3% of the public) and a performance at D+7, amounting to $ 1.25 million of curious thanks to the replay (a record for a French series on C8), the first of the two episodes that aired last night only included 589 000 faithful. Enough to warrant a season 2 ? The future, and the results of the hearings total, replay, understood, we will say it. Met her a few days ago on the filming in Guadeloupe in the series of M6 They were ten, an adaptation of Ten little niggers by Agatha Christie by Pascal Laugier, Manon Azem, we confided that it had no information on a possible sequel for the time being. And when asked about his desire to re-enlist for a season 2, the actress admits to having trouble pronouncing at the time : “I don’t know. As I have not read, as there is nothing, it is hard to plan for something non-existent. In my head it ended, I moved on to something else, it is like that. Now who will live will see”. The trailer of the red Shadows : Red Shadows – season 1 trailer VF